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to Asia & Africa from Smith&Smith agencies

with MoneyGram


*Available only with the discount ticket

Through ASIA TRANSFER you can send money directly to your home.

The service is provided in collaboration with MoneyGram.

To send money follow the steps below:

  • 1.Find the Smith&Smith agency closest to you.
  • 2.Come personally with the cash (Ron, Eur, Usd) to the Smith & Smith agency. Present yourself with your passport (only the first registration is required for this document) and the residence permit (required for each operation you will do) in the original for a correct identification.
  • 3.Depending on how you want to send the money, communicate to the operator Smith & Smith the following information about the beneficiary:
    When withdrawing cash: Name, Surname and Country.
    When transferring to a bank account: Name, Country, Bank name, Account number.
  • 4.Fill in the form you receive from the Smith & Smith operator according to the model displayed at the counter in your language.
  • 5.Hand over the money you want to send plus the commission to Smith.
  • 6.Pick up the receipt from the Smith & Smith operator that contains the identification number that you must communicate to the beneficiary.

The money has been sent and will reach its destination in 10 minutes.

The money will be raised by the beneficiary in local currency at an advantageous exchange rate.

Send money to Asia, Africa or Ukraine* via MoneyGram, from Smith&Smith agencies and get a 50% reduced commission, using the tickets specially created for this!

How it works:

Every time you send money through the MoneyGram service to countries in Africa and Asia or to Ukraine*, from Smith&Smith agencies, you will receive 50% discount tickets** that can be used for the following money transfers to the countries on the list, by you or your friends (to whom you can give a ticket, as it is transferable)! The campaign takes place between 08.09.2023-20.01.2024. The campaign is addressed to all customers sending money via MoneyGram from Smith&Smith agencies and applies only to sending money transfers with cash collection or account payment for the countries eligible for this payment option; the discount cannot be combined with other discounts or offers (such as MoneyGram Plus Rewards).

*list of countries eligible to use the ticket: South Africa, Albania, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Canada, Colombia, Congo, Cote d'Ivoire, Egypt, United Arab Emirates United, Philippines, Gambia, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Israel, Japan, Kazakstan, Kenya, Kosovo, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan,, Lithuania, Macedonia, Madagascar, Malaysia, Morocco, Mexico, Montenegro, Nepal, Oman, Peru, Qatar, Senegal, Serbia, Sri Lanka, United States of America, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Vietnam;
**the tickets are only valid in Smith&Smith agencies, only for sending money via MoneyGram and only for the countries from the list mentioned above; if at the time you come to the agency you do not have a discount ticket, the commission for the transfer will be the normal one, following that at the completion of the money transfer you will receive the tickets - which will be able to be used from the next money transfer (sent) made by you or by those to whom you give the tickets to receive the discount.


Smith & Smith can send money worldwide or you can opt for the fast money transfer service between our agencies.

Through Smith & Smith you can pick up money sent from abroad.

Money transfer from a Smith & Smith agency in the Philippines, Vietnam, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh or any other country in ASIA can be done through the services: MoneyGram and Smith & Smith

Payment is made in the country of origin in local currency at an advantageous exchange rate.

We can collect RON, EUR or USD.

Deposit into the account through the MoneyGram service.

The money is sent directly to the beneficiary's bank account at over 400 banks worldwide.

Download the form here

Ron/Lei transfer in 10 minutes
From To Comision
0,01 100.00 8,80
100,01 300.00 12
300,01 1,200.00 18
1200,01 1,500.00 25
1500,01 2,000.00 35
2000,01 3,000.00 45
3000,01 and over 85


MoneyGram super agent payment institution

The Smith & Smith payment institution, founded in 1999, is the first money transfer company operating in Romania.
In over 20 years of activity, we have won the trust of our customers by offering a diverse range of fast payment services at attractive commissions.
The quality of services and low commissions are the main concerns of the company towards its customers
The Smith & Smith network currently consists of 89 agencies:
-Of which many with extended hours open in large shopping centers, 7 days a week, 12 hours a day.
Over 100,000 access points worldwide belonging to foreign partners, among which we mention: MoneyGram, RIA.
We have been a Super Agent for MONEYGRAM since 2007, a leader in the field of money transfers with over 350,000 locations in over 200 countries and territories.
Smith & Smith is the preferred option by many clients and because we process payments in EURO, USD, GBP and LEI, we offer good exchange rates on the account and open payment accounts to facilitate payments in the country and abroad.
The staff of Smith & Smith agencies is also trained together with its clients in guiding the money transfer in the fastest and safest conditions.
And all this, at rates and commissions difficult to compete!


Strada Justitiei nr 54,
Sector 4, Bucuresti

Call Center

(+4)021 331 8000